A 2 minute update from a 15 y/o who wants to improve the world

What's up! I'm Laura :)

I'm sending this email to people I look up to. I want to keep you updated on my progress! Feel free to reply with any thoughts, questions, feedback, advice -- anything!

Bias towards fear

January was my most uncomfortable month by far. I started putting effort into cold outreach after 3 months of not doing any. I quit activities I spent years on. I called up old friends that I used to only communicate with via text.

I stumbled across this the other day:

"If you're not happy with where you are, get up and move. You are not a tree."

I've been acting like a tree for too long. For months, I wasn't happy with where I was: my non-existent network, not building anything, lack of close friends. However, I wasn't doing anything to change my situation out of fear.

No more. "Not doing because of your fear to fail is the failure in of itself."  - Emaan

Is TKS worth it if everything you learn is self-taught?

This was a huge question I had when I joined the program last year. Amy and I recorded a podcast discussing it.


2021: Year of Excitement

I've spent my past year in a constant state of grind to meet deadlines.

No more. I want to build the life I'm excited to wake up in the morning to live.

I think that my major life targets - entrepreneurial pursuits, impacting billions, being at front lines of emerging tech, grow on YouTube, a high quality network, go to Mars - were all driven from wanting to wake up excited to be alive. I've structured my 2021 goals around doing what excites me. My 4 buckets of this year: build, create, network, and personal growth. These are the only things I will work on. Everything I work on will fall into one of these categories.