intention: only one take, dump out all thoughts i have, no fluff just goal is to make urself comprehensible

why do people ever do anything? want to achieve? einstein work hard on developing relativity? why does dickson want to impact billions?

is it all bc they want to be happy? bc achieving this'll make em happy? my take is yes. either the result'll make you happy or the journey does.

other take is that yes, indeed,

there is one factor and one factor alone to happiness: harmony.

happiness is reality - expectations

so i work hard, bc i want to bring reality up to expectations

but u can do it other way around too.

background is that im a hard worker

old: fulfillment. (+ life is short)

lols didnt enjoy travelling bc nagging feeling that im wasting my time. i would not have enjoyed it. i do enjoy walking when it's to debate class w podcast (im doing my best) but not leisurely walks.

i would not have enjoyed

must work hard. always always always since kid - suffer now to be happy later.

q: does one?